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Unorthodox Australian Poet is the pen name of West Australian born poet, Garry.W. Gosney. He has also published works as The Perth Desperado

Born 19 October 1955, Garry William GOSNEY of Mount Lawley, Western Australia a suburb of Perth. Garry is an only child to Jean and William Gosney. He suffers dyslexia, and as an adult was diagnosed with ADHD & ADD.
At the age of five he was sent to the Catholic school Swanlea Boarding Hostel, followed by Middle Swan State School, de La Salle Catholic day School, Castledare Catholic Boarding College and Clontarf Boys Town Christian Brothers College.
In 1998 a serious vehicle accident left him with severe nerve damage and pain left side.
He has five children (four boys, one girl) to his first wife, Karen. He has since divorced from his second wife 2007.

Published works
1st "One Aussies Endeavours " 2004, published under the pen name Perth Desperado, combined poetry about his life, family, travels, loves and thoughts, illustrated with photographs of his travels.

All other books published under the pen name " UNORTHODOX AUSTRALIAN POET ", combined poetry about his life, family, travels, loves and thoughts, illustrated with photographs of his travels

2nd "Controversial Dreams Wishes Hopes Lyrics " 2006

3rd "My Unorthodox Hearts " 2008

4th “ One Aussie’s Endeavours Volume 2, Desires, Memories, Dreams, Lyrics

5th "Christmas Poetry, Lyrics, Dreams, Fantasies"

Some of Garry's poetry has been composed into music by country artist Rory D. Ruff of Colorado.


Reveal Ones Soul
To reveal ones soul
Is to reveal ones all

To reveal ones all
Is to find ones soul

To find ones soul
Is to find inner peace

Oh Lord thy God teach me
Teach me the art of inner peace

Teach me to find the balance
To find the harmony that I seek

Lord teach me to love as thy love
So that I can have balance  

Lord teach me to have balance
So that I can have harmony

Oh Lord teach me to reveal my soul
For to reveal my soul is to love thy love

Garry Gosney
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