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My Aim
My Aim is 2 fold

1 ..  To sell and promote my POETRY BOOKS all have photos of my travels in them ..
      I was told in 2004 that I am the only person in the world to put photos of my
      travels into a POETRY BOOK and I have and WILL CONTINUE to do so with all my

2 .. Is to let the rest of the world see the places towns / countries I have been to ..
    to show what australia has to offer through my PHOTOS I try to pick things
    that are not the normal tourist thing as anyone can get them from the net or
    travel centers

3 .. One thing I did learn when I traveled America in 2002/3 which kinda shocked me
     was that a lot of people I met never left their own STATE ..
     that was another reason why did it to because I thought of Australia and how
     many people here that don't leave own STATE here in Australia .
    Like Australia and America they are both vast counties with so much to see
    it would take a life time to see each one ..  

4 .. I just hope I can bring them both a bit closer to you through my BOOKS & PHOTOS

5 .. So far outside of Australia I have spent a year traveling in America .
     and 2 years traveling Canada taking photo's to use in my poetry books as well as for enjoyment .

6 .. I will continue adding photo's from every country that I can get a chance to visit in all my books

I hope that you will enjoy looking at what I have to offer and pass my website on to your Family and Friends to look at as well
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